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2019 Eclipse Book (Special 12 Pack)

2019 Eclipse Book (Special 12 Pack)
Product Description

The Complete Guide to the 2019 South American Eclipse (Spanish):

This offer is for a limited "12 pack" of our popular eclipse book! This offer is for 12 books and does not include eclipse glasses. This educational offer is perfect for school and classroom learning. 

American Paper Optics teamed with noted NASA astrophysicist, Fred Espenak, known as "Mr. Eclipse", and his eclipse chasing wife Pat Espenak (“Mrs. Eclipse”), to bring you this exclusive, must have, 32 page guide to the 2019 eclipse. Fun for the entire family, this book is jam packed with cool facts and helpful hints on how to prepare and enjoy this amazing event.

Our 2019 Eclipse Book features:

  • Fun Facts for the Entire Family
  • Helpful Hints for Safe Viewing
  • Interactive Maps and Diagrams
  • Eclipse times for over 50 cities in Chile and Argentina
  • Science and History of Solar Eclipses

An American Paper Optics exclusive, this easy to read, family friendly, eclipse guide will be the "go to" manual for taking in the 2019 total solar eclipse. 

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12 books      $48 ($4.00 per book)
$ 48.00