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American Eclipse Map (Poster)

Product Description

American Eclipse Map (poster): The Complete Guide to the 2017 American Eclipse

The ultimate total eclipse map is finally here! Perfect to hang in your office and informative enough to use in the classroom. This is the "must have" map of the 2017 Eclipse. 

Our new and exclusive map of the historic 2017 "eclipse path" is custom diecut and UV coated for a smooth and durable finish. The map of the eclipse shows exactly where the total solar eclipse can be seen along with the actual eclipse duration for both partial and total solar eclipse. 

Our map (poster) also comes with a pair of our ISO certified safe solar eclipse glasses.

"American Eclipse Map" features:

  • Beautiful and detailed eclipse map (23" x 17.5")
  • A guideline on how to best prepare for the eclipse
  • Helpful hints for safe viewing
  • Eclipse times for over 100 cities (total and partial)
  • A free pair of Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses 

An American Paper Optics exclusive, our interactive, family friendly, eclipse map will be the "go to" map for learning all about the 2017 total solar eclipse. Our commemorative poster of the 2017 eclipse path is perfect for retail sales, schools, and for the entire family to enjoy!  

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Quantity      Price
1                  $6.00 (free pair of eclipse glasses)
2                  $5.00 per poster (free pair of eclipse glasses)
5                  $4.00 per poster (free pair of eclipse glasses) *Best Value
$ 6.00