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Moon Pie Commemorative Party Box

Product Description

Get Mooned and take home part of history! Very yummy history. 

This commemorative Moon Pie party box guarantees you will be the life of any solar eclipse event! Perfect for that astronomer in your life (or anyone else who just loves chocolate). Come to think of it, this eclipse party box is perfect for anyone. 

"GET MOONED" Eclipse Party Box features:

  •  4 chocolate mini Moon Pies 
  •  2 "Get Mooned" Eclipse Glasses (wrapped and folded)

About: A Moon Pie is an American snack, popular across much of the United States, which consists of two round graham cookies, with marshmallow filling in the center, dipped in a chocolate flavored coating. The snack is often associated with the cuisine of the American South and is a perfect treat to enjoy while watching an eclipse. 

An American Paper Optics exclusive, this family friendly party pack will be the hit of any gathering or event. To the moon (pie) we go!

Quantity           Price
1 box                $12.99
$ 12.99