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Safely View a Solar Eclipse

Our solar-eclipse glasses provide eclipse safety for viewing all solar eclipses. Eclipse glasses, and eclipse viewers, block out 100% of harmful ultra-violet rays, 100% of infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light, protecting your eyes and letting you view these spectacular natural phenomena. Eclipse viewing glasses allow you to view the sun in its natural orange color. It is important that solar eclipse viewer glasses offer the highest levels of eclipse eye protection. Many other products, and do-it-yourself designs, do not provide full protection from the harmful rays. Our eclipse shades include instructions printed directly on the frames to remind users to wear them during all portions of the eclipse. Our safe solar eclipse glasses are independently tested, and CE certified. These paper eclipse glasses are essential for safe viewing of this solar event.

Are You Ready for the 2020 Solar Eclipse?

Enthusiastic sky-gazers are already counting down the days until the next solar eclipse, coming in December 2020.The Eclipse will begin far out in the Pacific Ocean, before casting its shadow over portions of Chile and Argentina. Whether you want to make sure that you and your family are prepared to watch the eclipse in safety, or are planning some form of larger-scale event to mark the occasion and need a bulk order of high-quality eye protection, our well-made, fully certified, protective eclipse glasses are an important accessory for the occasion. Our glasses enable people of all ages to enjoy this amazing celestial event, while protecting your eyes from damage.

Did You Miss the Great American Eclipse of 2017?

On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans witnessed the moon passing between the Earth and Sun, in a total eclipse. If you were not one of the lucky people to witness this awe-inspiring event, then you will want to make sure you are prepared to view future eclipses! In addition to the upcoming 2020 solar eclipse in South America, there will be a 2024 total solar eclipse that will cross Mexico, the central and eastern United States, and portions of Canada. It’s never too early to prepare for these rare events!

Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses

Are you looking to buy eclipse glasses for your school, planetarium, science center, or special event? Our eclipse sunglasses can be customized with a logo, or message, and make great promotional items. The eclipse shades are made from a scratch-resistant black polymer material, and have an optical density of 5, or greater. Place a custom eclipse glasses order today for your organization. We have the best eclipse glasses just waiting to be purchased! Order our solar filters, online or contact us at (800) 767-8427.

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