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Eclipse Glasses Safety

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Eclipse Safety is important when it comes to preparing for the total solar eclipse. Purchasing the correct eyewear to watch a solar eclipse is important. Normal sunglasses will not protect from the intense rays when the moon passes over the sun. Ordering ISO and CE certified eclipse glasses from American Paper Optics is your safest and best bet when it comes to purchasing the right set of eclipse glasses. See a sample back (below) for our safety information.


Are Your Glasses Safe?


SAFETY PRINTING ON THE GLASSES (and what to look for)

Eclipse Glasses have special instructions for safe viewing of the eclipse printed directly inside the frame of the glasses (see below). These instructions remind users that you must use approved eye-wear during all partial phases of the eclipse in order to protect your eyes.


Spanish Print (on our safe solar glasses)


English Print (on our safe solar glasses)


User Instructions for safe viewing of the eclipse

Everything we do is tested and approved. Click on the links below to see our certifications and documentation:


*EU Declaration of Conformity (Annex IX)

CE Certification

ISO Certification (Paper)

ISO Certification (Plastic)

Australia and New Zealand Certification