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Solar Eclipse Books From American Paper Optics


Importance of Solar Eclipse Glasses


Eclipse glasses can allow you to safely view the April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse, whether you’re in its path in Mexico or the United States. It’s not safe to view any solar eclipse without them. Composed of polymer lenses with paper and/or plastic frames, eclipse glasses entirely block UV light and infrared rays along with almost all visible light. They allow viewers to watch the total solar eclipse without risking permanent or temporary damage to their eyes, such as retinal burns.


Education Factor of Solar Eclipse Books


Solar eclipse books from American Paper Optics can help make the April 8 total solar eclipse an experience that goes beyond the event itself. They encourage children and adults to learn more about the special occurrence, including how it happens and how to enjoy it safely. The books also include maps so viewers can see the path of the eclipse and learn if any loved ones will also be able to view it from their respective cities and at what times.