Want to sell Best Eclipse glasses? | Best Paper & Plastic Eclipse Glasses | 2019 Solar Eclipse

Want to be an Eclipse Retailer?

Why sell Eclipse Glasses? Watch video below to find out more! 

 "Selling Eclipse Glasses was the best thing that we've ever done!"

We have a variety of stock eclipse glasses (paper and plastic), eclipse viewers, and point of purchase displays to fit your retail store needs. We can package, bar-code, and build custom displays to promote the sales of our eclipse glasses in your stores. If you want a customized point of purchase, our team will work with you to create something that fits perfectly in your store. See below for a few examples of our current stock/retail display options.Again, DON'T WAIT! Demand for our Eclipse Glasses is already extremely high and this will only intensify as the big day approaches. Contact one of our Eclipse Glasses specialists toll free at 1-800-767-8427 or send us an email and let us get you prepared to launch your retail sales to the moon!