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Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Are you ready for the total solar eclipse 2024? If not, it is time to start placing your order for solar eclipse glasses. This is one of the most impressive astronomical events, and it is just around the corner. Be sure to have your solar glasses in hand early to get the best prices, and avoid the rush of later buyers!

The last total solar eclipse that the United States witnessed was in August 2017, and it was one of the biggest astronomical events in history. Despite the millions of people who witnessed this event, there were many who missed out. While 2024 might sound like it’s a long way off, many people are already starting to get prepared.

Where Will the Eclipse Take Place?

On April 8, 2024, the shadow of the moon will once again completely block out the sun across the United States, on a path that will run roughly from Texas to Maine.

Cities include: Austin and Dallas, Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis (Festival Country), Indiana; Toledo, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio; Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Montpelier, Vermont; and Montreal will be directly in the path of totality. Portions of Mexico and eastern Canada will also experience a total solar eclipse.

Viewing Tips for the Solar Eclipse 2024

In April 2024, people in some parts of the United States will be able to witness a full solar eclipse. But do you know how to view it properly? Here are a few tips and tricks to fully appreciating the total solar eclipse of 2024.

The Role of Weather in Eclipse Visibility and Planning

One factor to consider in your solar eclipse viewing is the weather. Eclipse events can be affected by cloud cover and storms that can obscure your view. So, know the 2024 eclipse path well, and as the time approaches, check eclipse weather conditions and choose eclipse locations for viewing accordingly.

Geographic Features and Eclipses

Geographic features can also affect your viewing experience. You may want to gear your eclipse tourism toward mountainous regions that give you a broad view of the horizon. Spots near lakes also offer wide vistas for excellent eclipse photography. You may be able to enjoy scheduled eclipse festivals in some places, too, and appreciate great natural beauty at the same time.

Just remember you should always practice eclipse safety by wearing proper solar glasses and never looking directly at the sun.

Plan for the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

Given the planning by much in preparation for the 2017 eclipse, it’s never too early to start planning your travel and hotel arrangements. For those who plan to offer your customers or clients solar eclipse sunglasses, it is important to contact our team early, especially if you plan on having them printed with a custom design or logo. We encourage you to place your order now!