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Solar Eclipse Viewers

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Enjoy the Eclipse Safely with our Solar Eclipse Viewers

American Paper Optics offers a great selection of eclipse glasses that are stylish and fun to wear, but they aren’t the only eclipse viewing devices we offer. We have other options made just for you.


One of the most popular options is our hand held eclipse viewers. Our viewers feature a range of colorful styles: from our classic "Solar Yellow" viewer to our popular "Purple Galaxy" design. All of our hand held viewers can be personalized with your company logo or organization name.

Eye Protection

Durable, safe and designed for complete eye protect with 100% filtering of UV and infrared light and 99.999% of intense visible light, these are the solar eclipse viewers you will want.


The lens is made from black polymer, which is both scratch resistant as well as carefully crafted to provide full protection for the eyes.


Each of our products has safety information printed on the interior. The solar eclipse viewer, as well as our eclipse viewing glasses, can be used by children or adults, and both are durable enough to be used again or kept as a reminder of the solar eclipse.


For more information on customizing any of our solar eclipse viewer glasses or to place an order, call use today at 901.381.1515.