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Plastic Eclipse Glasses

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Powerful Optical Defense with Plastic Eclipse Glasses

A solar eclipse is one of the most breathtaking natural phenomena we can observe, but you'll want to equip yourself with dependable plastic eclipse glasses first before observing this often once in a lifetime event.


Safeguard Yourself from Harmful Radiation

The eclipse glasses we manufacture are designed to let you view the eclipse without subjecting yourself to conditions that could be dangerous. Our sophisticated filters block ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths, but allow portions of the visible spectrum pass through. This enables you to take in the natural wonder that is the eclipse, without discomfort, or irritation. Our products are CE- and ISO-certified to be appropriate for direct viewing of the sun during solar eclipses.


Easy to Use and Reuse

Our glasses come with instructions printed on the sides. This means that you can be sure that members of your group will have the guidance on how to properly use our product. We employ scratch-resistant materials to extend the lifespan of our glasses, meaning that they will remain useful for years to come.


Customized Glasses for Personal, Corporate and Organizational Clients


We believe in offering more than just one-size-fits-all solutions. Besides choosing from a number of designs, and styles, we canalso place your logo on your glasses. We're proud of our ability to provide the best plastic eclipse glasses for our clients' particular requirements, which includes not just form and function, but also aesthetics. Step up your marketing game by incorporating your message, and preferred color scheme, in your bulk order.


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At American Paper Optics, we wish to become your trusted source for plastic eclipse glasses as well as 3-D glasses and other related products. Give us a call Toll-Free at (800) 767-8427, or email us at to discuss your options for orders of 1,000 or more custom-printed glasses.