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Eclipse Glasses Testimonials


Don't take it from us- please listen to what our clients have to say!


"If you are trying to get a lot of science tools in the hands of lots of people, it can be a challenge. What can you do that’s engaging, interesting, exciting—and low enough cost to be able share with thousands of kids? American Paper Optics has options. For the partial solar eclipse in October, 2014, we ordered eclipse glasses. The glasses were great; the image was sharp, with no distortion. The printing quality was excellent, and we got these in a very short time after the order was placed. Was the event a success? We gave out 1,000 pairs of glasses in about 30 minutes. We can’t wait until August of 2017… We’ll get getting 10,000 pairs."



“March 20th was Britain’s fullest Eclipse since 1999. It was also great for sales of our Eclipse glasses too- all kindly manufactured for us by those great folks at APO, with their creative and production team.

I attribute our high sales success very largely to the fact that we were getting deliveries into London within 3 days of ordering them from APO. Amazing really, as its 4,800 miles apart!

Besides their standard design, we commissioned quite a few custom artwork ones for major Observatories (such as Jodrell Bank), and some larger schools and Universities. The comprehensive safety certification was vital to all our UK orders, especially for schools."



"We started planning our eclipse glasses project in early January, and wrote to several manufacturers. American Paper Optics was the first to respond and we not only received samples within days, but I was also called very quickly by John Jerit. He wanted to know what we needed exactly and help us get the project off the ground.

After a few weeks we had a design which was quickly screened by American Paper Optics' artwork specialist and the order was placed. The glasses were ready in about a week and they arrived four days later, over the weekend and on the other side of the Atlantic! Great work.

It was a great pleasure working with this company and we will re-order them without hesitation when we run out of stock (in fact, after 10 days we have already sold more than half of the 5000 glasses we ordered! And we still have weeks to go before the eclipse of 20 March)."



"The total solar eclipse was a fantastic experience! American Paper Optics delivers trustworthy and excellent customer service. The quality of the glasses has given our product a competitive advantage which has been good for sales."



"I would like to thank you for the great service on the eclipse glasses rush order. From the order to the delivery (in Europe) within 1 week with a custom print- I don't see any other companies being able to do this. It's a great feeling to know we can rely on American Paper Optics."