Common Solar Eclipse Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Common Solar Eclipse Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Solar eclipses are exciting events, and it is a good time to get together with friends and family. It is important to get your glasses for solar eclipse ahead of time. Also, mistakes and accidents can happen and when you avoid those things, you will have a safer, more enjoyable experience. Here are some common mistakes you should consider avoiding.

Spur of the Moment Viewing

Not planning ahead can cause some major problems, especially if you do not live near the best area for viewing and want to drive to a better location. If you do not give yourself enough time for planning, it can be easy to forget things like the correct glasses for solar eclipse viewing, and this can dampen an otherwise great experience.

Concentrating on the Main Viewing Area

If you check a map of the event, you will see a line charted across the country. It highlights the best areas for viewing, however, you do not have to concentrate on the thin center line because there will be good areas several miles on each side of the line. In fact, it may be less crowded and easier to find a place to park if you travel a few miles away from the center.

Not Planning for Traffic

Before you leave, check traffic maps and reports for the places you plan to drive through. There could be more people than you think planning on seeing the eclipse, so add extra time to your driving plans. It is best to get there an hour early than too late.

Plan an Alternative

You might get to your destination, and it could be cloudy or raining, so have an alternate plan in mind. Maybe you can go to a restaurant, check out a local museum, or other attraction? Do not forget to buy your glasses for eclipse viewing from a trusted source like American Paper Optics.

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  • Alexander Risse