Enjoy American Eclipse Events with Eclipse Glasses

Enjoy American Eclipse Events with Eclipse Glasses


Sit back, relax, and enjoy this historic total solar eclipse! 

If you were fortunate enough to experience the last total solar American eclipse, you probably remember the awesome sight vividly. Over thirty years later, another total solar eclipse will be visible from the United States on August 21, 2017. You will be able to fully enjoy this rare event using the solar filters we offer at American Paper Optics.

We produce a wide range of solar filters that will help you fully enjoy the next solar eclipse. We make 14 different kinds of solar filters, each one designed to make you’re the upcoming solar eclipse a more enjoyable, unforgettable experience. Our eclipse viewers offer everything you need to view the eclipse safely.

Safety First
Wearing the proper safety glasses is paramount when viewing any solar event, including the upcoming American eclipse. Standard sunglasses are insufficient to protect for your eyes from the sun’s intense rays. It is absolutely essential to use eclipse glasses that are CE and ISO certificated. These types of safety glasses must be worn during all partial phases of a solar eclipse in order to protect your eyes.

What Do We Offer?
One product we offer is the Eclipse HD Safe Solar Glasses. These solar glasses are ISO and CE certified. They are also independently tested, making them the safest glasses for direct solar viewing.

These viewers are made of scratch-resistant Black Polymer plastic material with 5 or greater optical density. They can filter out 99.9 percent of intense visible light as well as 100 percent of harmful infrared and ultra-violet lights. These solar filters allow for viewing in the natural orange color of the sun, and provide the sharpest images of any solar eclipse.

We also provide many styles from which to choose, for your solar-eclipse viewing pleasure. Our selection includes styles such as solar fire, galaxy, and the burning sun. You can also choose a patriotic pair of glasses portraying the American flag: quite appropriate an eclipse that will only be visible in the United States! We also provide customization options for your eclipse glasses, making them great as promotional items, or for special events.

Solar eclipses are rare events. If you plan on viewing the next solar eclipse, make sure you are properly prepared. Purchase the right protective glasses, and you’ll be able to view the event comfortably, and safely.

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  • Jason Lewin