Get Ready for the 2017 American Eclipse with Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses

Get Ready for the 2017 American Eclipse with Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses


One of the most awe-inspiring of all the celestial events that are visible here on Earth is the solar eclipse. Now you can make sure everyone at your eclipse-viewing event is protected in style with our now Bill Nye eclipse glasses! Your favorite science guy has partnered with us to bring several different eclipse glasses designs that are out of this world! You will not want to miss the opportunity to supply your organization, or family/friends, with these collectable pieces of eclipse memorabilia.

Why Wear Bill Nye Eclipse Glasses?

Like all of our glasses eclipse glasses, our line of eclipse glasses produced in cooperation with Bill Nye have extremely powerful lenses that filter out all harmful rays and 99% of bright light. Wearing these glasses will allow you to watch the eclipse safely.

What Causes a Solar Eclipse?

Our planet is exactly the right distance away from the Sun, and our Moon is just far enough away that if you were to see them side by side in the sky, they would look precisely the same size. Every now and then, the moon happens to pass directly between the earth and the sun. When this happens, it is what is known as a solar eclipse. The moon goes in front of the sun, blocking out all of its light, except for the corona (the sun’s atmosphere). What you see in the sky during the totality of a solar eclipse is a pitch-black sphere with a ring of white fire around it, and the sight is absolutely magnificent. This event will not happen again in the United States for decades, so you will not want to miss it!

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  • Jan Watson