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Know the Path The 2017 Eclipse Will Take Across the United States


The Path of Totality- What You Need to Know

On August 21, the total solar eclipse will be visible from Oregon to South Carolina, across 12 states. You probably already know that you need to wear eclipse glasses with solar filters to safely observe the American solar eclipse. Without them, you risk harming your eyes.

Where Can You See the Eclipse?

Over half the US population lives within one driving day of the “Path of Totality”, where the eclipse will be most visible. The 70-mile-wide path runs from Oregon, through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and finally, through South Carolina.

Those near Carbondale in Illinois will get the longest view, at around 2 minutes and 40 seconds. This is the longest total solar eclipse, passing America from coast to coast, in the last 99 years.

The Path of Totality will only be seen across the United States.

Get Eclipsed

To help improve your experience, we have produced a book called, Get Eclipsed, which is a complete guide to the American eclipse. It is full information: the science behind the eclipse, history, fun facts, and maps and where you should be to study the eclipse. It also includes two pairs of safe solar eclipse glasses. These solar filters will help protect your eyes when you look directly at the sun, to fully observe the eclipse.

There will be a lot of information across social media, and the news channels, informing you all about the eclipse and hopefully, updating individuals about the necessity to purchase solar filters. You will not want to miss this historic natural event!

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  • Jason Lewin