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Plan Early for Total Solar Eclipse 2024


If you missed the Great American Eclipse of 2017, fear not! The next total solar eclipse to be visible from parts of the United States is April 8, 2024. The Total Solar Eclipse 2024 will be seen from Mexico through Texas, Ohio, New York, Vermont, Main, and parts of Canada. Most people who booked their reservations close to eclipse time in 2017 found prices significantly inflated. So, it will pay to plan early and get the best rates! If you plan to experience Total Solar Eclipse 2024, you should start planning now.

Find the Best Spot for Viewing

Our online interactive map shows the path of the sun’s shadow for Total Solar Eclipse 2024. For optimal viewing, find a spot that is closest to the center of the path of totality. Pay attention to your surroundings, and take into consideration traffic congestion, the location of trees, and the location tall buildings.

Since the path of totality will cross several large cities, many of these cities will host solar eclipse viewing parties. During the 2017 eclipse, universities, museums, and parks provided food trucks, lectures, and educational events for all ages. We can expect the same in 2024!


Hotels will fill up fast so make your reservations early. Hotels that are along the path of totality will be significantly more expensive than hotels outside the path. Camping is also a good option if want to save a bit of money, or prefer the great outdoors to a hotel room. There are many great campsites along the eclipse path.

Buy Your Equipment Early

ISO certified solar glasses for Total Solar Eclipse 2024 can be more difficult to order as the eclipse approaches, so you should purchase them months in advance. We sell a full line of fun, colorful paper solar eclipse glasses, as well as fashionable plastic solar glasses. We can even customize our paper glasses with a special design, or the logo on an organization! All of our solar glasses are ISO and CE certified to protect your eyes from sun damage.

Buy your ISO certified solar glass today!

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