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Solar Snap Eclipse App Kit (Free App included)

Product Description

Solar Snap Eclipse App! The 2023 International Astronomical Union Astro-photography Contest Winner

There has never been an easy way to take pictures of an eclipse with your phone. Until now! The Solar Snap Eclipse App is an American Paper Optics exclusive that was developed by former Hubble Space Telescope Astronomer, Dr. Doug Duncan.

Safe and innovative, the Solar Snap kit has everything you need to easily photograph an eclipse. Download the provided app, attach the solar filter to your phone and you are ready to capture some eclipse magic!

(photos of the 4/20/2023 total solar eclipse taken by Greg Redfern with the Solar Snap Eclipse App) 

Proudly MADE IN THE USA, the Solar Snap uses the same safe, tested, and certified material as American Paper Optic’s eclipse glasses. The Snap is an amazing value and comes with 2 of everything, making it the perfect eclipse item to share with others!

Want to know more about the Solar Snap and how it works? Visit our "extras" section to watch videos and learn more. SNAP IT! SHOOT IT! SHARE IT! 

"Solar Snap Kit" comes with:

  • 2 Solar Snap Camera Filters
  • 2 Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses
  • Free Eclipse Photo App (iPhone and Android) 
  • 2 Velcro sets
Quantity                  Price
Solar Snap Kit         $18.99 each 

$ 18.99