2017 Eclipse Information for Kentucky

2017 Eclipse Information for Kentucky

Eclipse Viewing Locations & Times in Kentucky

While the Orchard Dale historical farm just northwest of Hopkinsville, Kentucky will serve as the best spot view the total solar eclipse, this event will be visible from several other spots in Kentucky as well. While these other sites will not feature the 2 minutes and 40 second duration of totality as the spot near Hopkinsville, they will still provide a great opportunity to view this natural phenomenon.

Cities in Kentucky that will be able to view the eclipse will include Princeton, Cadiz, Benton, Dawson Springs, Paducah, Madisonville, Central City, Russellville, and Bowling Green.  Major cities in Tennessee along the eclipse path include Nashville and Clarksville, and it will be viewable in Illinois in Metropolis, Marion, Carbondale, and Cape Girardeau, among other locations.

The eclipse path will also include some well-known landmarks and natural destinations. In Kentucky, its path will include Land Between The Lakes, the Pennyrile State Forest, Lake Barkley State Resort Park, and Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park.  The Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge in Dover, Tennessee, can serve as a viewing spot, and locations in Illinois include the Shawnee National Forest and Garden of the Gods, the West Kentucky State Wildlife Management Area, the Higginson-Henry Wildlife Area, the Carb Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, and the Trail of Tears State Forest.

 These cities will see "Totality" in the state of Kentucky:


Eclipse Times

The chart below are the times in UTC (Universal Time Code) and Central Daylight Time and are for the location just north of Hopkinsville that will experience the greatest duration of the eclipse (36.9664° N, 87.6639° W).

(C1) Partial begin 16:56:03 11:56:03 a.m.
(C2) Total begin 18:24:09 1:24:09 p.m.
Maximum eclipse 18:25:29 1:25:29 p.m.
(C3) Total end 18:26:49 1:26:49 p.m.
(C4) Partial end 19:51:13 2:51:13 p.m.