2017 Eclipse Information for Tennessee

2017 Eclipse Information for Tennessee


Nashville will be rocking and rolling on August 21st and it won't be to country music! On this day, the great capital of Tennessee will have a total eclipse (and not of the heart). Nashville lies close to the southern edge of the path, so it doesn't get as much totality as we'd like, but all the city limits, and most of the suburbs, will witness the amazing event! Residents of Franklin and Kingston Springs will be left out of totality, and Brentwood lies just inside the path, so people there should head northeast. On the grounds of the State Capitol, people will see 1m54s of totality at 1:27pm. Heading northeast to the grounds of the Grand Ol' Opry, folks along Briley Parkway will see 2m13s (also at 1:27). If you're in Lebanon, you can stay put, because you'll enjoy 2m24s of totality a minute later!

Murfreesboro is yet another of those nice, big towns that lie right on the edge of the path. Sparta and Baxter lie right on the centerline! Amazing stuff!

Crossville (2m31s at 1:31pm) is the last larger town the path hits within the Central Time Zone, and as the shadow hops the mighty Tennessee River, residents of Dayton will experience 2m21s at about the same time.

Below shows the cities with their duration of totality: