2019 Solar Eclipse | South American Total Solar Eclipse

2019 South American Eclipse

2019 South American Total Solar Eclipse

2019 Total Solar Eclipse Path

The next possible opportunity to see a total solar eclipse will be in beautiful South America (Chile and Argentina) on July 2nd, 2019.

The path of 2019 solar eclipse starts from the Pacific Ocean east of New Zealand, and crosses the ocean north of the Pitcairn Islands, over the Tubai and Tuamotu islands, before making landfall over Chile and Argentina, with sunset south of Buenos Aires. The path of totality will be 200 km wide, and the maximum duration is 4 minutes and 32 seconds in the mid Pacific Ocean.

Chile (detailed path of totality)

Since Chile is a long, thin country stretching from north to south and the eclipse track goes from west to east, the moon's shadow does not stay in Chile very long. However, the land it does cross- The Norte Chico ("Close North") is extremely attractive to astronomers, stargazers, hikers and wine lovers. After making land at La Serena, the "path of totality" then crosses the Elqui Valley. As well as amazing vineyards and great people, this high altitude area is home to several world-class telescopes; La Silla European Observatory and the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (to name a few). Further east, Bella Vista in the Andes- and near the Argentina border- also will be an amazing place to take in this beautiful event. Sounds like Chile will be the place to be in 2019!

Solar Eclipse affected areas of Chile

Argentina (detailed path of totality)

The "path of totality" is within an hour or two's drive from some significant cities including Cordoba, Rosario and the famous capital city of Buenos Aires. As an added bonus, if you travel southwest from Buenos Aires it may be possible to view an eclipsed sun as it sets- something that's sure to be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Solar Eclipse affected areas of Argentina

July 2nd, 2019 (Time to Prepare)

After the excitement of the Great American Eclipse, there’s a long wait until the next total solar eclipse. Everyone should be excited to see the moon’s shadow sweep across Chile and Argentina just before sunset on July 2, 2019.

Totality crosses some huge observatories in Chile's Elqui Valley — a sublime area for stargazing — as well as Argentina's traditional ranching region, the Pampas. The valley is also known for its fabulous stargazing-themed hotels (all perfect for this eclipse). Before the eclipse hits land- it passes close to the remote Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific; luxury cruises are already being offered. Like in 2017, totality (on land) lasts a couple of minutes.

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