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2020 South American Eclipse

2020 South American Total Solar Eclipse

2020 Total Solar Eclipse

The path of the eclipse commences in the Pacific Ocean east of the Marquesas Islands, making its way across land in Chile and Argentina, before heading into the Atlantic Ocean.

The maximum width of the path of totality is 90 km, and the maximum duration of totality is 2 minutes and 9 seconds, occurring over Argentina. See the below breakdown of the path in Chile and Argentina.


Totality will be visible in portions of Araucanía Region, Los Ríos Region, and a very small part of Bío Bío Region. Cities in the path include Temuco, Villarrica, and Pucón. Totality will also be visible on Mocha Island.

Eclipse Visible in Chile


Totality will also be visible across the Northern Patagonia Region, passing through cities including Junin de los Andes, San Martin de los Andes and San Carlos de Bariloche.

Eclipse Visible in Argentina