AAS and NSF (National Science Foundation)

American Paper Optics teamed up with the AAS (American Astronomy Society) and the NSF (National Science Foundation) to manufacture hundreds of thousands of custom eclipse glasses that were handed out at several of their sponsored events along the path of totality. 

How did it go?

Monday’s total solar eclipse was spectacular, galactic, ground-breaking, Earth-shattering. … In short: out of this world!

NSF staff, scientists, families and friends gathered together to witness and celebrate this once-in-a-generation celestial event, learning about the science of the eclipse through fun educational activities geared to all ages. Online, thousands of viewers tuned into NSF's livestream of the eclipse, hearing world-renowned solar space experts explain the science behind it.

#NSFfunded scientists and citizens scientists around the globe seized the opportune conditions presented by the total eclipse, capturing observations of the sun’s outer atmosphere. 

While it’s come and gone — and won’t return to North America again until 2044 — the total solar eclipse brought us together, stirring our inner science nerd and reminding us of the never-ending wonder of our world within the cosmos.


Watch Video of Neil deGrasse Tyson Hosting an Eclipse Party

On April 8th, the NSF, NOAA and NASA held a solar eclipse viewing event at the Fair Park Cotton Bowl in downtown Dallas, with special guest speaker, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Watch video (below) of Neil using our safe solar eclipse glasses.

 Click below to watch video!