Eclipse On Demand Video

Eclipse On Demand Video

If you're planning on viewing the much-anticipated 2024 total solar eclipse in the U.S.—or any upcoming solar eclipse—and you'd like to know more about what solar eclipses are, why they're so amazing, and how to view one, this program is for you. First, we'll cover solar eclipse basics. Then we'll take a deep dive into the 2024 total solar eclipse, including how to plan for the eclipse and how to view it safely.

By viewing this video, you'll discover:

  • What solar eclipses are and what makes them so spectacular

  • How to safely view a solar eclipse

  • What to expect and what you'll experience during a total solar eclipse

  • How to prevent clouds and bad weather from spoiling your eclipse viewing

  • Where to view totality during the 2024 total solar eclipse

This program is part of the APO webinar series, one of many programs—both live and on-demand—that is producing in the lead-up to the 2024 eclipse.