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NASA Eclipse Glasses

American Paper Optics was selected by NASA to manufacture custom branded Eclipse Glasses in various styles. After a successful campaign with NASA in 2017, APO was once again picked to manufacture their safe solar glasses for the upcoming eclipses in 2023 and 2024. These eclipse glasses will be distributed via their public outreach programs to build awareness for these upcoming events.

As shown above, our eclipse glasses were used at an event held at the White House (for the 2017 Eclipse).

NASA Selected Solar Glasses

A solar eclipse is an exciting event where we get to see the moon move in front of the sun for a brief period of time. However, it's still important to realize the sun still poses a danger to our eyes, thus viewing a solar eclipse should be done with caution. 

What's the Importance of Using NASA-Selected Solar Glasses? 

At American Paper Optics, we understand eye safety comes first. Our solar viewers are specially designed solar eclipse glasses that filter out the most harmful rays. If you stare at the intense visible light emitted by the sun, your retina can develop solar retinopathy. This may cause blurry vision, vision spots or even permanent blindness. Using homemade or poorly designed solar glasses can cause some of that visible light to seep in, which can result in instant harm to the retinas. 

What Are the Benefits and Features of Eclipse Glasses? 

Our NASA-selected eclipse glasses protect your eyes from the sun by: 

  • Blocking out 99.99% of the visible light 
  • Blocking infrared radiation 
  • Blocking harmful ultraviolet light 

By blocking out these harmful elements, our glasses protect you from harmful exposure during a solar eclipse viewing. The ISO 12312-2 design ensures the glasses cover the eyes and parts of the face most susceptible to the sun's visible light. These glasses come in a wide range of designs and at reasonable prices to make your next solar viewing experience lit.