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2017 Eclipse Information for Oregon

The first total solar eclipse touching the continental United States since 1979 touches down on the Oregon coast between Lincoln City and Newport at 10:15 a.m. PDT and will be gone by 10:27 a.m PDT. But there are many things to be aware of! While the rest of the United States offers longer totality, sections of the eclipse path in Oregon offer the best weather prospects anywhere around. 

The Willamette Valley offers a very good chance of sunshine on eclipse day and an even better forecast for sunshine in the Deschutes River Valley in the vicinity of Madras, indeed the best location anywhere along the eclipse path for clear skies in August. 

Climbers will be able to see an amazing sight from the top of Mt Jefferson at 10,479' elevation. Not only will you see totality, but also the stupendous light show of the Moon's shadow racing across the landscape.

When the eclipse first touches Oregon, the Moon's shadow will be racing at approximately 3,400 miles per hour! When the Moon's shadow leaves Oregon, it will have slowed down to about 2,900 miles per hour because it will be higher in the sky. The width of the eclipse path in the Willamette Valley will be about 87 miles.

The following cities will experience totality in Oregon:

Alternate Map of Path (Oregon):