Progressive Eclipse Glasses

Progressive Eclipse Glasses

Total Eclipse of the Park!

For this special project, American Paper Optics teamed up with Progressive to manufacture custom Cleveland Guardians eclipse glasses that were handed out to all fans on Opening Day (April 8th, 2024)

The Guardian Way

Since 1994, Cleveland's ballpark has sold out for the first home game of the season. But this Opening Day drew both baseball fans and astronomy enthusiasts out to the park for a special moment: a total solar eclipse visible from Progressive Field.

The excitement of the eclipse was palpable as fans entered the stadium, taking the glasses provided by the Guardians back to their seats to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fans of all ages lit up at the thought of the event as they walked through the gates.

Some fans talked about the excitement of experiencing totality. Many were most looking forward to seeing the reactions of those around them.

That included Guardians players, who also got to take the field Monday afternoon before the first pitch and take in the moment for themselves.

Left fielder Steven Kwan shared his excitement leading up to the eclipse.

"It just feels surreal. It feels like it was all planned. It's just a really cool experience," Kwan said.

As the moment drew closer, the Guardians filled the field. The fans found the best positions in the park. With glasses adorned, every person outside at Progressive Field lifted their heads and gazed at the sky.

Then, totality occurred.

The dark void of the moon was stark against the ring of the sun's light surrounding it. As the image set in, fans and players cheered. Gaping mouths, pointing fingers, some excited screams—moments shared with those around them. The once-in-a-lifetime event was happening, and the ballpark was instantly filled with awe and excitement.