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Sky and Telescope

Sky and Telescope Magazine (2017 Eclipse Guide with Free Glasses)

This 68-page publication was packed with essential how-to material for anyone who took in the August 21st total solar eclipse. It provided an affordable and complete guide to all aspects of this celestial spectacle, and its content was geared toward novice sky-watchers who might know little about eclipses or how to observe them. A pair of our safe solar eclipse glasses was added to each one of these magazines. 


Written by acknowledged experts in the specialized field of eclipse-chasing, America’s 2017 Eclipse is complete, accurate, and up to date. The articles provide vital information both for those who are traveling into the path of totality and for those elsewhere who will witness a deep, partial eclipse that day. A full page of key links and resources is included.

Articles you’ll find in America’s 2017 Eclipse:

  • Anticipating the Eclipse Experience by Dr. Kate Russo
  • Gallery of the Finest Eclipse Photos by Sean Walker
  • The Hows and Whys of Eclipses by Alan MacRobert
  • Countdown to Totality by Dr. Fred Espenak
  • Event Timetable for Selected Cities by Dr. Fred Espenak
  • Weather Prospects on Eclipse Day by Jay Anderson
  • Viewing Totality from the Edge by Richard Wilds
  • Generation Eclipse (comics style) by Jay Ryan
  • How to Observe the Eclipse Safely by Dr. Rick Fienberg
  • How to Photograph the Eclipse by Dennis di Cicco
  • The Historic U.S. Eclipse of 1878 by William Sheehan
  • Eclipses That Changed the World by Dr. Brad Shaefer
  • Science from a Solar Eclipse by Monica Bobra
  • Traveling to Extreme Eclipses by Daniel Fischer
  • Upcoming Total Eclipses by J. Kelly Beatty

Note: Each copy came with safe, approved solar-viewing glasses.