Solar Snap Directions

Solar Snap Directions


NEVER look at the sun without proper eye protection.

Once you have the app downloaded, and agree to safety instructions, you are ready to start using the app.

  • Your package will have 2 sets of Velcro. Put a Velcro spot on your phone (As shown in Image #1), and put the attaching piece of Velcro directly on the Solar Snap (in the area indicated for the Velcro piece).

  • Attach the filter so it covers all camera lenses (as shown in Image #2). Be sure you attach the Solar Snap securely, so it won’t fall off.

  • Once you’ve practiced with the app and have the Solar Snap securely on your phone- it’s time to capture that amazing eclipse. Let’s do it!


Hold the phone horizontally

It’s important that you NEVER look directly at the sun while using this app. You will be looking at the screen on the phone the entire time you are taking photographs. We recommend that you practice using the app indoors before outdoor photography. Practice zooming, changing brightness, and focusing.

1) Holding the phone horizontally, point the phone (looking at the phone screen, not directly at the sun) until you see the sun on the screen. When looking at the screen, your eyes will be shaded by the phone (as you can see if the picture below).

2) When you first locate the sun on the screen, it will appear small Figure 1. Move the zoom slider until the sun is about the size of the circle on the screen Figure 2. The sun does NOT have to be in the circle for a good photo.

3) If the sun is too bright or dim, adjust the exposure slider (Exp)

4) If the edge of the sun is fuzzy, like in Figure 3, move the focus slider to make it sharp, like in Figure 2. Click "lock focus", to lock the focus and keep it from changing.

5) Press the orange button to snap photo.

6) Your picture is automatically saved in “Photos” on your iPhone and ready to share!