The Texas 2' Clipse

The Texas 2' Clipse

American Paper Optics manufactured these "Texas 2'Clipse" glasses for The American Solar Eclipse Company. 

Solar Eclipse Coming to San Antonio

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and when it comes to the Great American Eclipse, San Antonio lives up to that. Not only will the Alamo City offer stunning views of the Great American Eclipse in April 2024, but it's also positioned perfectly for the annual solar eclipse of October 2023. Both paths pass right over San Antonio, making South Texas the ideal location to view two eclipses in a span of 6 months.

How Can You See the Texas 2-Clipse?

You need to be in the right spot with the right equipment. The 2023 eclipse will enter San Antonio heading southeast from the Permian Basin, while the 2024 total eclipse will head northwest toward Fort Worth. To view the sun safely during the eclipse, you need special eclipse glasses so you can view the sun safely.

How Can You Plan Ahead?

Make sure you're in one of the locations in the eclipse path that will experience totality, such as downtown San Antonio, and make sure you have a clear view of the sky. From there, you just need to ensure you have your glasses ready and look up at the sky to get the most out of the eclipse experience.

About the company: 

My name is Fran Badrak, owner of The American Solar Eclipse Company LLC, located in San Antonio, TX. The American Solar Eclipse Company sells American-made ISO and CE certified solar eclipse direct viewing glasses to individuals, organizations, venues, and businesses.

My company emerged out of necessity after I frantically and unsuccessfully searched for solar eclipse viewing glasses to view the 2017 Great American Solar Eclipse in Charleston, SC. In my attempt to buy a few pairs of viewing glasses, I went to many retail locations, searched online, and even contacted out-of-town friends to help me secure what I wanted. My attempts were futile, and I quickly realized that the demand for these products was great and the availability was low.

When I got home to San Antonio, I researched when the next North American solar eclipses would occur and discovered that Texas is in the “path of totality” resulting from an annular solar eclipse that will occur October 14, 2023 and a total solar eclipse that will occur April 8, 2024. Anticipating these rare astronomical events, I decided to start my business to sell American-made ISO and CE certified solar eclipse direct viewing glasses called the Eclipsers™. In addition, to commemorate the two great Texas eclipses, The American Solar Eclipse Company has designed and branded The Texas 2 ‘Clipse™ version of the traditional Eclipsers™.