"TOTALITY OVER TEXAS"- Experience the TOTAL eclipse in person in 2024

It is important to understand a very common misconception about eclipses. Many people think that if you see a partial eclipse you get to see most of the show. NO! You would miss all of the awesome stuff that makes people scream, and shout, and remember it their whole life: the pink flames at the edge of the sun, the silver streamers stretching across the sky, the feeling that suddenly you’re in a fantasy or a science fiction movie. 

The sun is so powerful that even one percent not covered by the moon is so bright that it doesn’t get dark. A partial eclipse is interesting, but a TOTAL eclipse is mind-blowing. That is why people chase them all over the world, and why we are recommending TOTALITY OVER TEXAS! 

Join APO astronomy consultant (Dr. Doug Duncan) for TOTALITY OVER TEXAS. The program features talks by astronauts and famous astronomers, a night time star party with telescopes, a hands-on kids program, and the eclipse.

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