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University of Missouri

University of Missouri Eclipse Glasses

U of M first ordered 5,000 eclipse glasses and they have since re-ordered based on the ever growing demand. They are selling these eclipse glasses in their bookstore and using some to promote the historical event. The University is in Columbia, MO and in the direct path of totality. 


A total solar eclipse of the sun will sweep across the continental United States Aug. 21, 2017. The eclipse, with a total duration of 90 minutes, includes an area of “greatest duration” that falls directly above Columbia, Missouri. This is the location where the total eclipse will last the longest along its entire path. 

View a map showing the path the eclipse will take across the United States.

Mizzou astrophysics professor Angela Speck is part of the National Science Foundation-sponsored eclipse planning committee and has spearheaded Columbia eclipse preparation.

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