Event Eclipse Glasses (Educator Discount)

Event Eclipse Glasses (Educator Discount)

Event Eclipse Glasses (Educator Discount)
Product Description

We are pleased to offer you our "Educator Discount" Event Eclipse Glasses. 

Plan an event for a school or just do it for your neighbors. All you need are the eclipse glasses and a few tips from us. Here’s how simple it is to run your own eclipse event:

  1. Watch Video1 and Video2 to get prepared and excited.
  2. Read “Run a 2017 Eclipse Event for Friends, Neighbors, and Profit”
  3. Decide whether to make money, help a school, or both. For example, sell glasses 2 for $5.

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The Eclipse Glasses:

These discounted "Event Eclipse Glasses" you will receive are exclusively manufactured with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. With an optical density of 5 or greater, our ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested and safe for all phases of the eclipse. 


Discounted event packages offered:

100 Event Eclipse Glasses for $49.95
200 Event Eclipse Glasses for $89.95
500 Event Eclipse Glasses for $199.95
For larger quantities, contact us now!
$ 49.95