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The Moonies Book (with 2 Eclipse Glasses)

Product Description

The Moonies Journey to the Total Solar Eclipse

Book comes with 2 commemorative Eclipse Glasses!

An American Paper Optics exclusive, this easy to read, family friendly, eclipse book is sure to get everyone excited for the 2023 and 2024 eclipses. Educational and fun, this book is a can't miss for all those adventure seeking, day dreaming, kids out there. 

About the Book:

Meet the Moonies! The astronomer, Professor Looney Moonie, the astrologer, Starla Moonie, and their interstellar kids, Sunny and Crater. And we can't forget their cosmic canine, Shadow. 

From their observatory-house on Mars, Professor Moonie calculates that a total solar eclipse is coming. Last time Professor Moonie corralled the family into their rocket to catch an eclipse, things did not go as planned. But this time, Professor Moonie is determined to show his family the adventure and awe striking power of a total solar eclipse. After all.....what could possibly go wrong? 

The Moonies Journey to the Total Solar Eclipse is a kids book designed to start a conversation about some of life's biggest events. A perfect gift for any family, this eclipse book reminds us that creativity and imagination are the keys to learning something new! Proudly MADE IN THE USA!

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