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Step up to the place where we can make it happen for you, your family and friends in 2017. On this day, a solar eclipse will take place. It will be the first to occur over the United States since 1979. Yet, on that day some 38 years ago, not everyone could see it across America. This is not true for the upcoming eclipse. Those who won’t be able to see it will be those who did not know where to buy eclipse glasses.

Why Buy Eclipse Glasses?

The rays of the sun are powerful on a daily basis. Even when you can’t see it, it can still burn the retina of your eyes. That is why it is important to never look at the sun. According to legend, the Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) stared consistently at the sun and, eventually went blind. We don’t want that to happen to you.

When an eclipse occurs, the sun may appear to be less intense. The rays may seem to diminish, but in actuality, the power of the sun’s brightest rays still remains. The only safe time to look at it with your naked eyes is at its totality – when the sun is completely blocked by the passing moon. Here, you can remove the glasses for a brief moment an enjoy all that this natural wonder can throw at you.

Although even the upcoming complete solar eclipse will only last a few seconds, we don’t want it to burn into anything but your memory. This is why you need to know where to buy eclipse glasses. They are the only protection you and your eyes will have against the forceful rays of the sun.

Where to Buy Eclipse Glasses

We are among the best and least expensive of our category – and that is no optical illusion. With over two billion sales of our trustworthy paper 3D glasses in the 25 years since we first started, we can proudly boast that, if you want bulk, quality glasses for retail, for sales and for school trips, you can count on us. While others may talk, we actually deliver – anywhere. You can even get them customized. We can add logos, prepare them with specialized print or even write messages across them – avoiding of course, the gloom and doom that was once associated with solar eclipses. In fact, if you were royalty, you would have once feared the coming of an eclipse. It could mean your death or the death of a loved one.

At American Paper Optics, we tend to look at eclipses as nature’s way of providing us with a very special spectacle. We want you to enjoy it and do so safely. So, when someone asks you where to buy eclipse glasses, we want you to think naturally of us. We may not have your back, but we can cover your eyes.

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