Solar Eclipse Glasses: Your Safe View Of The Sun

Solar Eclipse Glasses: Your Safe View Of The Sun


Picture it. The sun rises high into the sky. It meets the moon and begins to fade away, disappearing behind it as the world is blanketed in an eerie twilight. It is August 2017. Are you prepared to safely view this phenomenon? Will you be able to glance upwards without causing harm to your eyes? Have you purchased your solar eclipse glasses?

Be Prepared: Buy Solar Eclipse Glasses

At American Paper Optics, we urge you, like the proverbial boy scouts and girls many of you are, to always be prepared. For this event, you cannot and must not look directly at the eclipse with your naked eye. To do can cause irreparable damage to the retina of the eye. While the light may seem dull, the powerful and virulent rays of the sun are still there. They can create a serious problem for those who stare upwards and directly at the centerpiece of this fascinating event. The worst-case scenario you could face is permanent damage and complete loss of your eyesight. No eclipse, no matter how rare is worth going blind for.

Only when the eclipse is at its nadir – when the sun, sky and earth are cloaked in darkness, can you safely stare at a solar eclipse. Until this point is reached, it is very important, in fact critical, that you protect your eyes with the solar eclipse glasses we have available for sale. Our glasses perform this role to perfection. They act to filter out the negative aspects of the sun’s rays. They act as a visual strainer removing the light rays that cause the problems:

  • Ultraviolet light
  • Infrared light

The ability to block out the harmful rays of the sun, while allowing you to view the solar eclipse, makes purchasing a pair of our glasses necessary and worthwhile. It is not frivolous to want to protect your eyes and/or the eyes of the family while letting them enjoy a rare site.

Solar Eclipse Glasses

Here at American Paper Optics, we are always ready to help you prepare for the next solar eclipse. Since we can supply you, your friends, family and classmates or fellow employees with the amount needed in a variety of styles, why take the chance. Order easily and rest assured that, on that day in 2017, when the sun is chased from the sky, you and the eyes of everyone who wear solar eclipse glasses will be safe.

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  • Jason Lewin