Be Smart and Safe by Following Eclipse Safety Procedures

Be Smart and Safe by Following Eclipse Safety Procedures


Have you ever seen a total solar eclipse? These beautiful events are visible somewhere on the earth’s surface once every eighteen months. On August 21, 2017, you will have the opportunity to witness one of these astronomical wonders in the United States of America. Of course, since you will be looking at the sun during an eclipse. For that reason, you need to follow some important eclipse safety precautions, so your eyes are not temporarily, or permanently harmed. Wearing Eclipse Glasses, our special viewing glasses, is an easy, and effective solution.

The Importance of Understanding Eclipse Safety

The upcoming North American eclipse is a total solar eclipse. This means that the new moon will appear to cover the sun, darkening the earth with its shadow, or umbra. This leaves only the outer-atmosphere of the sun, also known as the corona, visible. It is estimated that millions of people will watch the eclipse.

Before the big day arrives, you need to make eclipse safety arrangements for protecting your eyes during the event. You probably know better than to look directly into the sun during an ordinary day. When the sun is being eclipsed, it is no different. The visible-light alone is too bright to safely look into for more than a few seconds. Additionally, the sun gives off harmful UV, and infrared rays. These light rays are intensified as new moon partially covers the sun. When the sun is completely eclipsed, it is safe to view it with the naked eye. However, when the eclipse is in its partial phases, it is vital that you practice eclipse safety, and use eye protection.

What to Use for Maximum Protection During an Eclipse

During a total solar eclipse, wearing normal sunglasses will not provide enough protection. As the sun is gradually covered, and then uncovered by the moon, the light is simply too bright to view safely. Instead, you need to get specialized, eclipse-viewing glasses like Eclipse Glasses. These are very strong glasses that block all harmful rays, and almost all intense light, from reaching your eyes. With a pair of these, you can watch the entirety of the total solar eclipse, while keeping your eyes completely safe. Eclipse safety is important, let us help prepare you, today!

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