Prepare Yourself with Glasses for a Solar Eclipse

Prepare Yourself with Glasses for a Solar Eclipse


Prepare Yourself with Glasses for a Solar Eclipse

On the August 21, 2017, the sky above the United States will be darkened by the moon’s shadow, or umbra, as it completely covers the sun. This will be the first total solar eclipse experienced in the US in 38 years. You will not want to miss out on this experience, which scientists are predicting will be the most viewed scientific event in recent history. Before the big day, you need to remember to purchase the appropriate eye protection for yourself, and anyone who will be viewing the eclipse with you. Glasses for a solar eclipse will shield your eyes from the harmful rays, and blinding light of the sun, while still allowing you to see the eclipse clearly.

How Glasses for a Solar Eclipse Will Protect You

The sun is absolutely necessary for life on Earth, and we would not survive long without it. However, it also has some potentially harmful factors that we need to keep in mind. As you are aware, it is unsafe, and very dangerous to your eyes, to stare right at the sun. Besides blinding light, the sun also gives off certain types of rays which, while invisible to the human eye, can damage your vision. When you are viewing the solar eclipse in 2017, and the sun is not completely covered by the moon, you must wear special glasses designed for viewing eclipses. Our specially-designed glasses for a solar eclipse will block nearly all the intense light given off by the sun, as well as:

Buy Your Glasses for a Solar Eclipse Today

Your vision is a gift that must be treasured, and properly taken care of. When you watch the eclipse, it is crucial sure you wear the correct glasses for a solar eclipse. Eclipse Glasses is the best place to pick up the eye protection you need to view this amazing event. Buy them today: prices start at only 85 cents per pair, and can be purchased in bulk!

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