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Benefits of Giving Away Custom Eclipse Glasses


Giving Away Eclipse Glasses and Why Companies Should be Participating!

Business owners are always looking for unique and interesting giveaway items that are going to be practical, appreciated, and also a top way to add to their marketing and branding programs.

While many businesses stick to the boring old pens, fridge magnets and little zip drives, the really creative businesses need to consider a very big event that is just around the corner: the total solar eclipse that will be visible in most of the USA this August will be a perfect opportunity to give away custom eclipse glasses.

There are several reasons you will see a good ROI (return on investment) with this marketing plan. Understanding the benefits of providing free custom eclipse glasses within your community will quickly convince you to move forward with this unique marketing opportunity.

Puts Community Safety First

By providing free eclipse glasses to your community, you are giving away a valuable safety tool. Giving back and putting the safety of the people front and center won't be forgotten by your customers and potential new consumers.

This is not a costly investment. If you choose the standard design in quantities of a thousand or more, they are less than fifty cents each. Customization just adds pennies to the cost per pair, allowing you to highlight your business, organization, group or website.


Depending on where you are located in the United States you may only need to wear your custom eclipse glasses for a few minutes, but they will continue to be a keepsake for kids and adults alike.

For parents, and older kids, the glasses will be tied to a memory of the event. For younger kids, they can become something they play with often, especially if you purchase one of the many fun designs we offer. Regardless, they will provide a reminder of your business's participation in the event for days, weeks, and months after the eclipse is over.

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  • Jason Lewin