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Make Life-Long Memories With Eclipse Shades


The Best Way to Enjoy a Solar Eclipse is with Friends!

Have you ever had the opportunity to witness a solar eclipse? In this day and age, with the Internet, you most likely have been able to see videos of solar eclipses that have been visible in other countries. In the United States, a solar eclipse has not been visible since 1979, and even then, the weather wasn’t very good, so not many people got to see it. This year, however, everyone in the United States will get to see at least a partial eclipse, and if they are in twelve certain states spanning from coast to coast, they will see a spectacular total solar eclipse. While you are making plans to go out and see this with some special people, make sure you all have solar eclipse shades to protect your eyes!

Why Get Solar Eclipse Shades?

When the moon passes over and blocks out the sun, it creates an amazing and unforgettable sight. However, during an eclipse, the same as any other time, you cannot stare directly at the sun because it will damage your eyes and cause vision loss. In fact, the rays of the sun are often even more intense when they are partially blocked by the moon. During the partial stages of the eclipse, you need to wear special eclipse shades. They will protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and allow you a clear view of the eclipse. However, during totality, it is safe to go ahead and take off the shades for an unfiltered look at this astronomical event.

Personalize Your Eclipse Experience

Eclipse shades can be customized to your liking and specific needs. Whether you are taking a class out on a field-trip, getting your family together, or going out with some friends, you can get eclipse glasses that are fun and personalized. This will greatly enhance your experience, and afterward, you’ll have a great souvenir!

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  • Jason Lewin