Don’t Go See The 2017 Solar Eclipse Without Your Eclipse Shades

Don’t Go See The 2017 Solar Eclipse Without Your Eclipse Shades


Safety is What Matter Most!

A solar eclipse is a gorgeous natural phenomenon that is the result of the moon being positioned exactly between the earth and the sun. A solar eclipse has not been visible in the continental United States since February 1979. That time is coming to a close! In August 2017, a total solar eclipse will be visible in much of the United States. There is a narrow band running across the United States, roughly from Oregon to South Carolina, in which the solar eclipse will be visible as a total eclipse. This means that the moon will completely cover the sun. In other parts of the U.S., a partial eclipse will still be visible. No matter where you plan to be during the solar eclipse, wearing eclipse shades is an absolute must.

Why Should We Wear Eclipse Shades?

Although the sun is life sustaining for our planet, it still has plenty of dangers. The sun is extremely bright, and staring at it for even a short period of time hurt the eyes. The sun also has harmful ultraviolet rays. You have probably heard how important it is to shield your skin from UV rays, prevent sunburn, but UV also can damage your eyes. The sun also has infrared light, which can also be harmful. So, if you want to view the total solar eclipse safely, our eclipse shades are the perfect choice. They are far more powerful than the best sunglasses, and they are designed to allow you to see the eclipse in realistic colors, so you don’t miss a bit of the incredible experience!

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  • Jason Lewin