Is There a Safe Way to Watch the Sun?

Is There a Safe Way to Watch the Sun?


One of the best options to protect your eyes during a solar eclipse is to purchase our safe solar eclipse glasses. We have a wide-range of designs to chose from.

Some people try to make their own eclipse glasses, but doing so is not nearly as safe as buying our officially tested eclipse eyewear. It's common sense to purchase high-quality safe solar eclipse glasses to make sure that you have all of the protection that you need.

What Makes Safe Solar Eclipse Glasses Your Best Option

During a solar eclipse, you can make the most of special solar filters, but you'll need to choose those that can't crack, or scratch easily. Many solar filters can easily be damaged which is why the must be treated extremely carefully. Should they become spoiled, they should be sent for recycling as they will be instantly unsafe to use.

American Paper Optic's safe solar eclipses glasses are made of scratch-resistant Black Polymer plastic material, which has been proven to be durable. They are also ISO and CE certified, so you can be absolutely confident in their quality, and ability to protect you eyes.

NASA Has Provided Some Helpful Information

To ensure your safety, NASA has put together a list several items that you should not use to help you view the eclipse. For example, it is a common myth that you can look through certain types of camera film to safely view the sun. This is false, because it will not prevent the sun's UV radiation getting through. For the same reason, medical x-ray film should not be used, especially if it's already had images burnt onto it.

Smoked glass should not be used. Also, traditional sunglasses are not strong enough to protect your eyes when viewing a solar eclipse. Our safe solar eclipse glasses are one of the safest purchases you can make. Contact us today for a quote!

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  • Jason Lewin