4 Things to Know about the 2019 Solar Eclipse

Four Things to Know about the 2019 Solar Eclipse


Millions of people witnessed the Great American Eclipse of 2017, but if you missed it, that's okay! You will get another chance to see a total solar eclipse in less than two years. Portions of the South Pacific and South America will experience a solar eclipse on July 2, 2019. Here are four things you should know about the event:

1. This time it is not in the United States

Unfortunately, you will not get to see the next total eclipse of the sun from anywhere in North America. However, this event would be a great opportunity to plan a vacation!

2. Viewing areas in South America will be limited

Only certain parts of Chile and Argentina will see a total eclipse. Those in El Morado, Domeyko, and Tobaco Alto are on the Northern edge of the path of totality. The southernmost cities under totality include El Llano and Las Cardas.

3. Oeno Island will be a great viewing location

One great vacation destination for the 2019 solar eclipse will be the Pitcairn Islands. These islands are a short boat ride from uninhabited Oeno Island, which will experience a total eclipse. The Pitcairn Islands are sparsely populated, so you will not have to deal with the large crowds that are bound to gather on the mainland. Also, these islands are located in a "paradise-like" setting in the South Pacific, with the temperatures ranging from 63-77 °F in the winter, when the eclipse will occur.

4. It's Never Too Soon to Order Your Eclipse Viewers

When you are planning for the 2019 solar eclipse, make sure you have approved eyewear. American Paper Optics offers the finest, most affordable selections on the market, including custom glasses!

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