Gear Up For The Spectacular Excitement Of The 2017 Solar Eclipse

Gear Up for The 2017 Solar Eclipse!



When we are able to witness beautiful and unusual sights in the sky, it often leaves us filled with wonder at the glory and vastness of the universe around us. One of those sightings that is extremely special for most, is a solar eclipse. As eclipses only occur on rare occasions, they are also unable to be seen in every part of the world when they do. On August 21, 2017, those present in the United States will be able to view a spectacular solar eclipse for the first time in thirty-eight years! You won’t want to miss it. Before the eclipse happens, however, you need to make sure you have special viewing glasses so you can watch it without damaging your eyes.

The Science Behind The 2017 Solar Eclipse

Before you see the total solar eclipse in 2017, you may appreciate knowing a little bit about the background of such event. What exactly is it? And what causes it? As you know, the earth orbits around the sun, while the moon orbits the earth. Over the ages, the moon has moved a little over one inch away from the earth every year and, as of now, is the perfect distance away to be seen as the same size as the sun from the earth. A solar eclipse transpires only during a new moon phase. It occurs when the moon is in the right position between the earth and the sun so that it completely blocks it out. This casts a shadow on the area on earth where the eclipse is visible, but you will be able to see the corona, which is the outer atmosphere of the sun, in a fiery, bright white ridge around the ‘black’ moon.

Stay Safe During The 2017 Solar Eclipse

Although the sun will be completely blocked out by the moon during the total eclipse on August 2017, the corona will still flare out in a ring. The corona is so bright that it can severely damage your eyes if you look at it without any protection. This damage can result from the UV rays as well as the brightness itself. However, you can view the event safely by wearing a special type of glasses which blocks harmful rays and allows you to see the eclipse in natural colors. Enjoy the experience, without worrying about hurting your eyes!

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  • Jason Lewin