Prepare for the 2017 Eclipse with A Solar Eclipse Viewer

Prepare for the 2017 Eclipse with A Solar Eclipse Viewer


A Solar Eclipse Viewer Will Protect Your Eyes

Since the sun will be blocked out by the moon during the total solar eclipse in 2017, you may think it will be safe to look at it. The reality, however, is that although most of the sun is blocked out, the corona, or outer atmosphere of the sun, is not. It will still be visible as a flaring white ring around the black disc that is the moon. Therefore, looking directly at a solar eclipse without wearing any protection on your eyes is just as dangerous as staring right at the sun, because there is just as much ultraviolet and infrared light coming through. The natural light of the sun is even more intensified in the corona. Because your vision is a precious gift that should be protected, you should find a special pair of glasses that is designed specifically for viewing solar eclipses.

How Solar Eclipse Viewers Work

Many products and DIY solutions out there allow you to construct your own eclipse viewers. You should know that many of these products do not work as well as they should, in protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays. Also, it goes without saying that your normal, everyday sunglasses will not protect you either. If you need solar eclipse viewers, the best pair to get is one that has been well tested and is also ISO/CE certified. The black polymer and scratch resistant lenses should completely block your eyes from 100% of all infrared and ultraviolet rays, along with nearly all intense visible light from the sun. You will therefore be able to see everything that is going on during the eclipse clearly and easily, yet safely and comfortably. And don’t forget: it’s primordial to keep your eclipse viewers on through all stages of the total solar eclipse in 2017.

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  • Jason Lewin