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Protect Your Vision with Tested and Certified Glasses for Solar Eclipse Viewing


Total solar eclipses are rare, special events. The moon passes in front of the sun and temporarily blocks out its life-giving light. However, the same energy which gives life can also hurt your eyes if you do not protect them with properly. Glasses for solar eclipse viewing must meet certain standards if they are going to provide the protection neccesary. Here are some important features of the best eclipse glasses available.

Approved Glasses for Solar Eclipse Events

The top companies make sure their glasses protect you from 100-percent of the suns's ultraviolet light. They also block out 99.999-percent of intense visible light.

The best glasses give you a pleasant viewing experience, while also protecting your eyes. However, this kind of protection is not assured unless it is backed by organizations like the International Organization of ISO and CE. The ISO is the International Standards Organization, and they set safety standards all over the world. They do not put their name to anything unless it passes all the required tests. Similarly, the CE (European Conformity) is similar to ISO, and covers the European market.

Check Labels

You know your viewers are safe when you see things like "CE" on the products. Look for phrases like "Conforms and meets the transmission requirements of ISO 12312-2 filters for direct observation of the sun". If you do not see these things, you may not have the right kind of protection.

Do Not Settle for Cheap Imitations

When you want safe and sturdy glasses for solar eclipse viewing, American Paper Optics has what you need. We offer ISO and CE certified paper and plastic glasses, which are tested to make sure they perform properly. Check us out online, or call us toll-free today at 1-800-767-8427 for more details.

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