The Importance Of Quality Solar Filters During An Eclipse

The Importance Of Quality Solar Filters During An Eclipse


The Importance Of Quality Solar Filters During An Eclipse

At Eclipse Glasses we realize that a solar eclipse isn't a common occurrence in the United States, and it isn't something that most schools, community groups, and families are prepared for.

The good news is that we offer a full line of solar filters in the way of eclipse glasses and eclipse viewers. They are incredibly low cost, and they offer all the protection recommended by NASA, the American Ophthalmological Society and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

With this level of protection, which has been the gold standard in solar filters for decades, it is now possible to watch the solar eclipse with complete safety

What Our Solar Filters Do

All of our solar glasses and eclipse viewers’ solar filters are designed to block out ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and intense visible light. In fact, our products’ solar filters are so effective that they can be used to look directly into the sun, even after the eclipse has ended, without any risk to your eyes.

Our Diverse Product Line

We offer a host of designs, and patterns, so you can look your best on eclipse day! Our cardboard models come in a variety of fun patterns, and colors, and make great keepsakes from the day. Our plastic models are designed to look like traditional sunglasses, and are very durable. Both our cardboard, and plastic, models have solar filters that are CE and ISO certified.

The solar filters of all our glasses are made from a polymer material that is scratch resistant, which means you can keep save them for the next eclipse.

Our glasses, and viewers we start at just pennies per unit. We do sell in minimum orders as low as 25 pairs: perfect for the classroom, or family sets, so that everyone can enjoy the eclipse safely and in style!

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