Bill Nye Teams with American Paper Optics

Bill Nye Teams with American Paper Optics


American Paper Optics partners with Bill Nye the Science Guy to create exclusive eclipse glasses and promote safe eclipse viewing

MEMPHIS, TN, May 15th, 2017American Paper Optics, the world’s largest 3-D glasses manufacturing company, has announced its partnership with science communicator, television personality and chief executive of the Planetary Society Bill Nye, popularly known as Bill Nye the Science Guy, to raise awareness of and promote safety for the Aug. 21, 2017, total solar eclipse.

With less than 100 days to go before what has been deemed the “Great American Eclipse” passes over the United States, sky watchers must know how to protect their eyes while viewing the eclipse. To further prepare the public, American Paper Optics has exclusively manufactured Bill Nye the Science Guy eclipse glasses, which will be used as safe educational tools at schools, planetariums, science centers and retailers. Coming in 2 different designs, these astro-science themed Bill Nye eclipse glasses are beautifully printed with instructions and best safety practices on the backside. A limited-edition pair of plastic Bill Nye eclipse glasses will also be available in early June.

“While the excitement continues to grow about the upcoming phenomenon, our top priority is ensuring viewer safety,” said John Jerit, president and CEO of APO. “We’re thrilled to work with Bill Nye, who is such an influential figure in science and popular culture. The partnership just made perfect sense! Our Bill Nye commemorative Eclipser® glasses are hands down the best way to prepare the public for Aug. 21. For the time being, Bill Nye the Science Guy is also Bill Nye the Eclipse Guy.”

The 12 states that will witness the total solar eclipse fall within the “Path of Totality.” Viewers inside the path will need the glasses for the partial phases but can carefully view those rare and beautiful few minutes of totality without the glasses. Viewers outside the 12 states will need to wear the glasses the entire time. APO’s safe solar glasses block the harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays of light that come from the sun and are essential for viewing the partial phases that precede and follow totality. 300 million people are set to see the eclipse, while over 100 million people are estimated to be traveling to take in this historic event in August.


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  • Jason Lewin