Where Will You Be During The 2017 American Eclipse?

Where Will You Be During The 2017 American Eclipse?


Solar eclipses are amazing and spectacular natural events. Unfortunately, they are not often visible in the United States. The last time a solar eclipse was seen in the United States was in the late 1970s, and due to bad weather in many places, not a lot of people had the opportunity to view it. This year, however, that will change! During a spectacular solar eclipse taking place on August 21st, millions of people will be able to witness this unforgettable natural phenomenon. Make sure that you not only have a good place to go in order to view the American eclipse but that you wear high-quality eye protection and most importantly, have fun!

What to Expect During The American Eclipse

Unlike most solar eclipses which have only been visible in a few places, this one will be seen all over the continental United States. Its path runs coast-to-coast, roughly from Oregon to South Carolina. You can look at one of our eclipse maps and see what kind of visibility you will have in your area. You may only be able to see a partial eclipse, but you might be in an area where totality will be visible. This is an event that will only last a few minutes, but those few minutes will be some of the most unforgettable in your entire life.

Making the Most of The American Eclipse

Whether you are going with your significant other, best friends, co-workers, or classmates, you ought to make the most out of this celestial event by driving out to an area where you can have the best view of the eclipse. While you are making plans, make sure you get some pairs of eclipse glasses so you can watch the moon and the sun safely. These eclipse glasses can be customized in fun ways, or to made into promotional items. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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  • Jan Watson