Creating Eclipse Awareness Through Record Breaking Glasses

Creating Eclipse Awareness Through Record Breaking Glasses


APO Builds World Record Sized Glasses 

On Aug. 21 of this year, people in the United States, coast-to-coast, will be treated to a total solar eclipse. This will be the first eclipse visible from the continental United States in nearly four decades and the first where totality lies completely within the US since 1776. Talk about a huge event!

To commemorate this massive occasion, American Paper Optics, the world’s largest 3D optics company, has created the largest pair of functioning eclipse glasses in the world. These glasses, measuring over 32 feet wide and over 3 feet tall. This world record size construction was built so that people can stand behind the glasses and safely look up at the sun in the same way they would with regular size safe solar eclipse glasses.

“We wanted to do something completely different to show how big of an event this actually is,” said John Jerit, president and CEO of American Paper Optics. "It's finally our turn [in the US] to witness history and we wanted to create awareness the only way we know how- by creating the world’s largest pair of eclipse glasses. What's exciting about this event is that the only thing you really need to be prepared is a pair of our (regular size) safe solar eclipse glasses," said Jerit. "This is a rare opportunity for hundreds of millions of people to see something they’ve never seen before, so we're encouraging everyone to get their glasses now so they are properly prepared.”

Since the company originated in 1990, American Paper Optics has become the world leader in manufacturing paper 3D glasses. Founder, John Jerit, transformed a novelty start-up business into a 3D glasses empire with multimedia products distributed worldwide. Jerit attributes aggressive marketing and customer loyalty to the company's successful production and distribution of more than two billion glasses. With a long and proven track record for high quality products, American Paper Optics has established itself as THE “go to” manufacturer for the upcoming August eclipse. 

“We set out with the idea to build something absolutely enormous to reflect the magnitude of this upcoming event. Think about it, on August 21st, the entire country will stop whatever they are doing to take in this one moment and they will all need eclipse glasses," said Jason Lewin, director of marketing at APO. "While the excitement continues to grow about the upcoming eclipse, we definitely want people to be safe. Our low-cost eclipse glasses will allow viewers to witness this event with the peace of mind that they have put safety first."

We built these fun eclipse glasses to create awareness for the August event. We would love for you to help us in this process by sharing our story. The more that know, the safer everyone will be! Please call us for more information at 1-800-767-8427


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  • Jason Lewin