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Are You Ready For The 2017 Solar Eclipse?


August 21st will be here in no time. It's time to prepare!

During Earth's history, a wide variety of amazing events has been seen in our skies. Of these, probably the most remarkable event and the one that always draws a large amount of attention and speculation is the solar eclipse. This is what occurs when the moon passes over and completely blocks out the sun. We are extremely lucky to be able to see a 2017 solar eclipse because the distances between our moon and the sun mean that they look the same size in our sky. On August 21st, 2017, you can witness this event for yourself and experience what has astounded and mesmerized human beings for thousands of years.

What To Expect From A Solar Eclipse

During a solar eclipse, the moon passes in front of the sun. The moon will appear pitch-black and block out all the sun's light except for a ring of light from the corona. The day seems to turn into twilight, and the birds stop singing. As you can probably imagine, this has freaked out people in many ancient civilizations in the past. Some viewed it as a sign of imminent doom and destruction, while others interpreted it as a message from their gods, answering whichever dilemma they were facing. Although today an eclipse is not seen as a sign of doom, it is still an amazing phenomenon that is truly a wonderful sight.

Properly Preparing For The 2017 Solar Eclipse

If you plan on seeing the eclipse on August 21st, then you must get a pair of eclipse glasses. These will allow you to stare at the sun and watch as it is encompassed by the moon. They filter out most of the burning brightness and all of the harmful rays, so your eyes are not damaged.

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  • Jason Lewin